The Legalization Experiment

Kleiman advocates pot federalism:

[W]hy shouldn’t the federal government cut Colorado and Washington some slack? As long as those states prevent marijuana grown under their laws from crossing state lines and thereby subverting marijuana prohibition in the rest of the states, the Justice Department could step back and let the consequences of the new policies play themselves out. They might succeed, or they might fail. In either case, the rest of us could learn from their experience.

Waldman wonders whether police will like the legalization laws:

[I]t will be interesting to see whether in the coming months and years, police and prosecutors in Washington and Colorado report that their jobs have been made easier by the new laws. We may not see the full legal regime many are hoping for, with a fully functioning legal market. But we should have some new evidence that can be weighed when other states are debating their own decriminalization initiatives, which we'll certainly see in 2014.