“Simple Human Decency”

Massie argues that supporting marriage equality is about "capturing straight votes, not gay ones":

A person under the age of, say, 35, is surely much more likely to be aware of (and comfortable with) their gay friends than were their parents when they were of a comparable age. These gay friends and acquaintances are out today and once out cannot be shoved back into the closet. Which is why a party that is perceived to dislike gay people will also find it more difficult to win support from gay people’s heterosexual friends.

This is also true about "nod-and-a-wink racism," Massie adds:

If this is "political correctness" then what you mean by political correctness is actually simple human decency. Decency and generosity and empathy and inclusiveness are necessary parts of any Big Tent approach to politics. In Britain and in the United States the cost of failing to pass those tests is losing the votes of people who might actually be sympathetic to your economic policies but cannot reconcile themselves to a politics they find boorish, ugly and off-putting.