The Legalization Tipping Point

Four more states may approach marijuana legalization from a legislative level:

Pro-pot lobbyists the Marijuana Policy Project announced today that state legislators from Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont plan to introduce legislation that would legalize recreational weed use in their states. Representatives Edith Ajello (D-RI), and Diane Russell (D-ME) will announce their plans to introduce bills on a teleconference tomorrow, and unnamed lawmakers in Massachusetts and Vermont plan to follow suit, according to the MPP. “We are passing the tipping point when it comes to this issue,” said MPP legislative analyst Robert Capecchi. 

Additionally, the Editorial Board of The Oregonian is urging Oregon politicians to take action:

If lawmakers do nothing in response to Washington's vote, a half-baked and problem-ridden initiative like Measure 80 is likely to end up on the ballot. In fact,  Measure 80 sponsor Paul Stanford said as much [last week]. Oregonians will vote for it next time around, prodded by developments in Washington and lacking an alternative.