What Is The GOP Offering The Middle Class?

Ramesh Ponnuru wants the GOP to target middle-class voters:

The absence of a middle-class message was the biggest failure of the Romney campaign, and it was not its failure alone. Down-ticket Republican candidates weren’t offering anything more — not the established Republicans, not the tea-partiers, not the social conservatives. Conservative activists weren’t demanding that Romney or any of these other Republicans do anything more. Some of them were complaining that Romney wasn’t “taking the fight to Obama”; few of them were urging him to outline a health-care plan that would reassure voters that replacing Obamacare wouldn’t mean taking health insurance away from millions of people.

Josh Barro suspects this will be difficult:

I think Ramesh is absolutely right, but a question he does not address in his piece, or his Bloomberg View column earlier this week, is why the Republican Party hasn't fixed this problem. And the reason, unfortunately, is not simply that Republicans lack the imagination to come up with ideas to get higher wages, more jobs and affordable health care to the middle class. It is that there is no set of policies that is both acceptable to conservatives and likely to achieve these goals.