Iron Dome Earns Its Keep

The number of Palestinians killed has risen to at least 24, while the Israeli death toll remains at 3. Many more may have been killed if not for Israel’s “Iron Dome” rocket defense system, developed with the US, which seems to have been effective at reducing the hundreds of rockets that have been launched from Gaza, though at significant financial cost. Recent video of Iron Dome at work:

More video here. Allison Deger witnessed an interception:

The defensive shield is a marvel, effectively preventing Israeli casualties, or at least impact in Israel. Earlier this afternoon Phil Weiss, Scott Roth, 972’s Mya Guarnieri and myself experienced it first hand while driving 1.2 kilometers from the militarized border with Gaza. The Iron Dome, high in the sky but directly over our yellow-plated rental car, intercepted three rockets fired by Hamas. The rockets move at an unbelievable speed and I did not see them until they were bursting over our heads.

Yet in Gaza, there is no government funded superhero fighting to save lives against the indiscriminate fire that come from air strikes.

And we know who worked on the Dome for Israel, don’t we? That Israel-loathing president, Barack Obama. And they still would not budge an inch on the settlements.