The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, we again spent much of the day covering the ongoing situation in Gaza, as Andrew was less than optimistic about the conflict's perpetual irresolution, then tore into Walter Russell Mead for seeking an "Israeli Sherman". Karl Vick examined the mind games at work from both sides, Goldblog and others offered their ideas about a possible ground war, Dahlia Lithwick elaborated on how much it sucks to live in Israel at the moment, and Mairav Zonszein was glad Tel Aviv had its bubble burst. We also looked into whether or not Hamas could actually be a peaceful partner and tried to figure out how a cease fire might work, though one definitely didn't start tonight.

In political coverage, Andrew gave Obama some advice on how to deal with the fiscal cliff and reminded us that Marco Rubio was not only not a scientist, but possibly not even sane. Chait and Larison differed on how much libertarianism was hurting the GOP, Rupert Murdoch let us know his thoughts on "the Jews", Ryan D. Enos made it clear that Sandy didn't beat Romney, and Nate Cohn made Texas' swing-state future a little bleaker, while the other Nate quashed dreams of a 2014 Democratic majority in the House. Jim Geraghty kicked Romney's worldview to the curb and earned himself an Yglesias nomination. Peter Wehner tried for one too by standing up for same-sex marriage. We also caught up on Obama's in-person overtures in Burma and saw the US beating Europe in the race to economic recovery.

In assorted coverage, readers were still chiming in on our over-medaled servicemembers, Emily Bazelton raised some concerns about shaming racist teenagers, cops gained Pinterest for their most wanted criminals, and Nick Carr blamed a faster Internet for our impatience. Also, Matthew Belinkie noted the juiced stats of "Law And Order", we dug into the economics of kid-having, Tonkean macaques enjoyed the fruits of Democracy, Mark Wilson favorably compared the carbon footprint of plastic to chicken nuggets, and Sara Davis appreciated the almighty (dental) taste of mint. Dronestagram is an interesting project and we took a look at it, David Wolman rocked out to keep his writing flowing, Ellie Robins worried about reader-snooping books, and we wondered is if humans was were becoming dumber. Grover Norquist and "poopy-head" factored into our Correction Of The Day. 'Big Beard' Andrew reflected on coming out. We saw Minnesota farmland in the VFYW, death was stupid but adorable in our MHB, and a Japanese astronaut was welcomed to Kazakhstan in our FOTD. Weekend wrap here. And lastly, sadly, Twinkies found rock bottom.

– C.D.

(Photo: An Israeli child plays in a large concrete pipe used as a bomb shelter on November 19, 2012 in Nitzan, Israel. By Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)