Welcome To The War


Mairav Zonszein, who opposes the IDF operation in Gaza, wonders if the rocket-bursting of Tel Aviv's bubble is necessary for Israel, since "maybe this means the status quo will break, because it must break":

Of course [the situation in Tel Aviv is] nothing like what Israelis are going through in the south, or remotely even close to what Gazans are going through. It’s all relative and hierarchic, and middle-high class Tel Avivians like me are near the very top of the food chart, with those in Gaza currently at the very bottom. So there’s no comparison.

But that doesn’t make the sirens followed by booms any less scary and awful. Regardless, Tel Aviv is geographically now a part of one of the local wars Israel periodically wages with one of its bordering neighbors. It is no longer immune. And as crappy as that is, maybe it’s exactly what needs to happen – that Tel Aviv now needs to also be part of this cycle of violence – that the daily routines and the bars and the nightlife and the hi-techs cannot function normally. They tell you to continue with your daily routine, but who the hell really can? And who the hell really should?

Allison Kaplan Sommer reflects on life in the new bubble: the suburbs north of Tel Aviv that remain out of the range of Gazan rockets:

Life in the bubble is clearly preferable to living in a terrifying state of war. But it is still bizarre and somewhat surreal weighing whether a routine venture into ‘the city’ for a business meeting or a scheduled shopping venture, or a yoga class is worth coping with sirens and ‘booms’. Is deciding to go ahead with the trip foolish and risky? Is deciding against leaving the ‘bubble’ cowardly and unpatriotic? As we make these crazy judgment calls and deal with these first-world problems in a third-world situation, of course, we never forget for a minute how quickly our situation can change.

(Photo: Israelis take cover at a shopping centre parking garage during a rocket attack on November 18, 2012 in Tel Aviv, Israel. By Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)