The Vinyl Solution

Andrew Sullivan —  Nov 20 2012 @ 8:33am

Michael Clarke details why "more vinyl will be sold in 2012 than in any year since 1991":

They don’t make their customers choose between analog or digital. Whenever you buy a record from just about any indie band, it comes with either a CD or with a card that contains a URL and a download code so you can get a digital copy at no additional cost. 

Clarke thinks this could translate to hardcover books since they "have similar characteristics to vinyl records":

If implemented in the right way, publishers could kill two birds with one stone: they could support a mechanism for downloading e-books purchased in conjunction with hardcovers that not only makes their best customers happy and extends the life of hardcover sales, but that actually fosters competition in the ebook marketplace. If publishers were to decide to partner with organizations other than (or in addition to) the incumbent tech and retail giants to support e-book downloads, it will introduce more competition into the marketplace. Moreover, publishers can use such a distribution mechanism to encourage the use of non-proprietary formats and DRM-free files, thus removing two critical hurdles to a more competitively e-book marketplace.