Pets Under Fire

Sharon Udasin wrote a story for the Jerusalem Post about the impact of rocket attacks and air raid sirens on Israeli pets. Even while she was still researching the story on Twitter, the outrage was swift:


From the inevitable IDFSpokesPet parody Twitter account:

More responses here. Dashiell Bennett defends Udasin:

Animal stories are part of her beat and this particular story also ties into the biggest story in her country right now. (According to her personal website, Udasin is not Israeli, but was born in America and moved to Israel after graduating from Columbia's journalism school.) And reporting on pets during a larger human crisis would not make her unique or heartless. Almost every major U.S. news outlet has run a story about pets lost and displaced by Hurricane Sandy (or any natural disaster) and one of the most popular war stories of recent memory was about the dogs who fight alongside SEAL teams.