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Andrew Sullivan —  Nov 20 2012 @ 10:30pm

Andersoncooper tweet

Today on the Dish, Andrew shared his thoughts on the evolutionary shift of world values, enjoyed the success of the conservative case for marriage equality, and "totally absorbed" Obama's pot-headedness. In continuing coverage of the conflict in Gaza, Andrew noted the divide between those who wield war as power and those who try to remain just, Beinart hoped Israel would engage Fatah, Michael Koplow wondered if Pillar Of Defense was previewing an Israeli strike on Iran, Amy Davidson shattered the illusion of a "surgical war", and a reader threw up their hands over yet another Israeli-Palestinian crisis. Also, Harry Enten went over the numbers regarding Americans' support for Israel (a country Turkish PM Tayyip Erdogan tagged as a terrorist), while Sharon Udasin stepped in it over Israeli pet trauma and Wasseem El Sarraj identified the strange and horrifying sounds of a Gaza under siege. Elsewhere internationally, we debated the complicated legacy of Kofi Annan.

In political coverage, Andrew joined Michael Brendan Dougherty in respecting Pat Buchanan, Matthew Dickinson examined the uniquely modern advantage of incumbent presidents, David Simon got his Edmund Burke on, Michael Moynihan debunked Oliver Stone's new history book, and Dean Chambers checked himself into the "psychological ward for denial." We also anticipated gubernatorial insurgence over Obamacare, Rand Paul suggested exchanging military spending for entitlements and welfare, Seth Masket correlated political moderateness to time spent out of power, and Alex Knapp took Marco Rubio to school on the Earth's age. Speaking of our planet, Bill McKibben told us how we should talk to climate change skeptics, while Brian Ries explained how Obama's election-night pic ruled the Internet – though the president was not impressed.

In assorted coverage, readers offered yet more thoughts on the America's military medal inflation, we stared into the money pit of streaming-but-selfish music services, Yolanda Spivey and others exposed the racism of the job market, Mat Honan declared the end of the password, Claudia Hammond used more than 10% of our brains, and Michael Clarke considered a vinyl-like resurgence for hardcover books (as had Nick Carr). James Balog explained the idea behind the new global warming film "Chasing Ice", Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg shared the sensory overload of Aspergers, Jack Gilbert reflected on loss in our Poem For Tuesday, which we better appreciated after rap music opened the creative gate of our minds. Matthew Crawford pondered the often flexible standards that define a job well done, readers zoomed in on Sendai in this week's VFYW contest, Ross Marquand impressed us with his impressions in our MHB, we saw a Cambridge parking lot in the VFYW, and spotted a FOTD in an Uzbek factory.

Lastly, we asked you to tell us about the interesting political conversations you have with your red, purple and blue family members while home for Thanksgiving this week.

– C.D.

(Image: One of the several examples from Buzzfeed's "In The Midst Of Conflict, Anderson Cooper Is Owning People On Twitter" collection.)