The RT Of The Century

Brian Ries tells the story behind the iconic tweet seen above:

That photo, taken by a campaign photographer [Scout Tufankjian] just a few days into the job in mid-August, has broken all sorts of Internet records. With more than 816,000 retweets as of Sunday, it’s the most shared picture in the history of Twitter, beating out entries from Justin Bieber and the fast-food chain Wendy’s. It’s also the most-liked photograph ever to be shared on Facebook, amassing almost 4.5 million “likes” since Election Day. And it’s sure to be the photo most everyone with an Internet connection will remember seeing as they heard that Barack Obama – for better or for worse – would reside for four more years at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. …

But, perhaps surprisingly for a campaign with a deep love for data, where even the subject lines of emails were formulated based on intense rounds of numbers-backed analysis, the selection of the “four more years” photograph was a decision made on the fly. It was chosen by a 31-year-old digital operative [Laura Olin] who had been up since 4 in the morning. She was completely exhausted.

Continued here. Slate has an interview with Olin. Below is further proof that Obama is the president of the Internet:


By Pete Souza. Meme explanation here.