Ditch The Old Spice

Reddit has a lively thread on gifts that men are tired of getting. For example:

I own four flasks. I consider myself a moderate-to-heavy drinker, but this is overkill. Am I supposed to strap them onto some kind of bandoleer and keep it under my poncho when I go to a sporting event? (Actually, as I'm typing this, I realize this is not the worst idea ever.)


Cologne. I have an entire shelf in my medicine cabinet dedicated to the various colognes I've received as gifts. I do not need a bottle every single year.

And another:

I don't need another mug. Here's the proper tip: don't buy him a mug, buy him the liquids that go in the mug. Want to spend $5-10? A nice craft beer would be highly appreciated. $10-15? A pound of good coffee. Want to go over the top and spend $35-75? Buy the guy a damned bottle of Scotch.