America Isn’t Filled To Capacity, Ctd


Joe Wiesenthal compares US workforce demographics with Japan’s, finding that “Americans should be thankful” for a “demographic lift” that the latter country lacks. Alex Hern worries that America will lose this demographic advantage:

Japan’s demographic squeeze has been predicted and feared for a long time, but Weisenthal goes further by pinning a lot of hopes on America’s demographic health. Is he right? Time will tell, but one thing which is noting is that this demographic lift isn’t something which comes out of nowhere. In fact, it is something which, with the popular consensus around the need to limit immigration, is being actively fought by most US policymakers.

Pushing back on the bipartisan enthusiasm for attracting high-skilled immigrants, Noah Smith fears the implications for US higher-education costs:

Those immigrants will be great for the economy, but their kids are going to be competing with native-born kids for college spots. Unless we do something, that competition could cause a xenophobic backlash among the high-skilled native-born, as well as driving up tuition even further.