Reforming The Filibuster

Harry Reid reportedly wants to "diminish the power of Republicans to slow or stop legislation by putting limits on the filibuster." Hertzberg thinks we should kill it:

The filibuster is a bad idea when Democrats are nominally in charge, and it’s a bad idea when Republicans are in the supposed driver’s seat. Absent the filibuster, Congress would have passed meaningful climate-change and immigration reform, among other desiderata, by now. And, yes, President Reagan might have been able to abolish a federal agency or two back in the day. (He couldn’t even get rid of the tiny Legal Services Corporation.) Over time, the country will be better off if the parties can put their ideas into practice and be judged accordingly. As it is, neither side gets a fair shot, the voters never quite get what they voted for, and everybody complains about how politicians never keep their promises.