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Today on the Dish, Andrew took on Richard Cohen over the muscled modern man, joined Melik Kaylan in lamenting the Internet age's effect on privacy, joined readers in responding to ex-stoner Obama's silence on legal weed, supported Frederic Filloux's more sensible release schedules for TV shows and movies, and was awed by Einstein's brain and the "physical incarnation of human intelligence".

In political coverage, Chris Geidner examined this week's possible SCOTUS announcements regarding marriage equality, Massie broke down the civility gap between the US and UK, Hertzberg wanted to bust up the filibuster, Tom Ricks didn't apologize for calling Fox News a wing of the Republican Party, and we rounded up some responses to the left-leaning of Asian-Americans. Not forgetting the looming fiscal cliff, Stan Collender anticipated a nail-biter, while we also heard the ACA was already changing US healthcare for the better, aired more discussion about the demographic advantages of American immigrants, and explored Obama's possible kill-list hedge in the event of a Romney victory as well as contemplated the present state of America's autonomous killing machines.

In international coverage, we checked in on the massive anti-Morsi protests in Tahrir Square, readers thought through the logic of Israel's blockade of Gaza, the UK backed Palestinian statehood, and Marta Franco summed up the status of gay rights in India.

In assorted coverage, Tyler Cowen took apart Robert Solow, Phillip Cohen looked into the statistical relationship of violent crime to single motherhood, while Human Rights Watch disconnected violent crime from marijuana use, Allison Aubrey took us to war over nutmeg, John Quiggin deflated the importance of oil, and Emily Wilson noted the dangers of motherhood in ancient times. Also a reader suggested a Dick Morris Award for the sports world, McArdle and Yglesias mixed it up over the Walmart strike, Dolly Parton was mistaken for a drag queen, Ritwik Deo shared his perspective as a nimble-toed butler, and Jane Hu destroyed the myth of live-gerbil sex toys. We also wondered if 401(k)'s were just subsidizing the rich, learned not to expect electric brains outside of science fiction, saw Albanian pride on the FOTD, saw Winston-Salem through the VFYW, let readers zoom in on Chile in this week's VFYW contest, then watched as dogs and babies went at it in our MHB.

– C.D.

(Photo: A worker with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) works on the sewer system in the heavily damaged Rockaway neighborhood on November 27, 2012 in the Queens borough of New York City. The state of New York has said that Superstorm Sandy has cost upwards of $42 billion. This price, for which congressional leaders will make requests for federal disaster aid to help pay, includes $32 billion for repairs and restoration. By Spencer Platt/Getty Images)