China Acquires Meme Capability

Andrew Sullivan —  Nov 28 2012 @ 8:54am

Carrier style cctv

The country just launched its first fighter from its first aircraft carrier, footage of which was shown on Chinese television, after which the Internet seized upon the above screenshot:

This iconic image of a "shooter" in action, popularized in the American film "Top Gun," encapsulates Chinese aspirations for national success, reaching world standards, and achieving the recognition that has long eluded China. Accordingly, images of Chinese of a wide range of ages and walks of life assuming the stance, some in the most unlikely locations, have flooded the Internet — a meme reminiscent of planking that Chinese Internet users having taken to calling "Aircraft Carrier Style," after a certain viral video out of South Korea.

A sampling of the meme in action:


Many more here. Just be careful of those train tracks.