Ask McKibben Anything: How Can Individuals Help The Environment?

Bill recently spoke with Marc Maximov about the most important thing someone can do:

Organize. It’s important to change your lightbulb, but it’s less important than coming together with other people to try and change the system.

Other things that can help:

[S]olar panels are great. They’re highly technical, and they allow you to have a very spread-out, diffuse, democratic power grid. I’ve got them all over my roof, and they work great even in Vermont. Imagine how well they’d work in North Carolina. But there’s lots of other technology, too, that we sometimes forget about when we think about technology. When I was last in Copenhagen for that ridiculous failed climate meeting, the one really good thing was watching the fact that 40 percent of people in that very advanced city have adopted the bicycle as their way of getting to and from work. The bicycle is as technological as the airplane. And probably a lot better for you.

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