Reality Check II


There's a new poll out on ending Prohibition on marijuana. This one's a CBS News' poll taken after the election, and it shows a 47 – 47 percent tie on whether marijuana should be legalized. When Obama was first elected, the same poll with the same question had the answer at 52 – 41 majority in favor of retaining Prohibition. And I'm not talking about medical marijuana here. I'm talking full-out legalization, regulation and taxation.

On medical marijuana, the majority is now 83 – 13 in favor. Debate over. More interesting to me is that of a majority – 53 percent – simultaneously believes that most of the medical marijuana prescriptions are "being used for other reasons." As we get more comfortable with acknowledging the hypocrisy, the hypocrisy itself begins to unravel.

(Photo: The dried bud of a Kush cannabis plant. From Wiki.)