The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew responded to a reader who had rejected his conflation of MSNBC and Fox News, backed up Stephen Walt in favoring containment of a nuclear Iran, reminded June Thomas that marriage equality gives her something to actually reject, and we revisited the brain-injury disaster that is professional football, the morals of which Andrew compared to the gladiatorial times of old.

In political coverage, we weighed the gravity of the fiscal cliff, which Bruce Bartlett thought was a faux problem when compared to the debt ceiling, while Daniel Gross noted the GOP’s lack of a pre-cliff game plan. Also, our thread of letters from millennial voters continued to outline their political evolutions, Massie reflected on covering American politics from abroad, John Sides wished the GOP luck winning the hearts of minds of middle-class voters, and we analyzed the deluded polling that led to the Romney campaign’s election-day whiplash. Looking overseas, Netanyahu gave the finger to Obama and the world by doubling down on settlements and messing with Palestinian revenues, while Max Fisher tried to see through the fog of Syria’s YouTubed atrocities.

In assorted coverage, we previewed the potential of doctor e-visits and gauged the legitimacy of studying sports, while McArdle pondered the death of social couponing, Emily Badger surveyed the rise of condo-mania, Claude S. Fischer explored the connection between wealth and happiness, and Michael Dirda reviewed the benefits of early retirement for writers. Barbra Streisand and Jason Gould wondered how deep the hathos was, Michael Anton appreciated Tom Wolfe’s view of California from afar, VICE shamed LA for its complicated, driven-to-DWI nightlife, Chris Taylor advocated for a Center for Facebook-Scam Control, and a reader highlighted the progress regarding anti-sex attitudes when considering the happiness of porn stars. Also, a royally entertaining Twitter account was unborn, The Daily died and we rounded up why, Adelaide Docx withstood an old-and-unimproved Bob Dylan, and as we ourselves got older, we joined Sam Ro to spend less on men’s underwear. In coverage that is at least partially related to food, Adam Higginbotham tried out emotion-sensing technology built to improve Doritos commercials, Dan Savage found pound cake “vagestic”, and Nicola Twilley revealed the secret of year-old OJ (the kind you likely buy). Israeli ultra-nationalists populated our FOTD, 2-D leapt off the page in our MHB, and we saw Amsterdam’s canals through the VFYW.

The weekend wrap is here.

– C.D.