The Worst City To Live In?

Some candidates to consider:

Closer to home and its First World problems, VICE nominates LA.  One reason? "It's impossible to have a normal night out":

In London, or New York, or Paris, or any other city on Earth, going out means either walking/taking public transportation to a bar or club, then maybe walking to another place after that, then taking a cab home. This becomes problematic in Los Angeles, because public transportation does not exist. And I'm pretty sure cabs don't exist, either. This means everyone drinks and drives, and I'm not sure if you've seen those ads about it on TV, but drinking and driving is really, really, really not OK. Then, you have to find somewhere to park or pay a bunch of money to valet, and then line up to get in, and then before you know it you just paid $30 to get into a "yoga rave" that's ten minutes from ending, you've forgotten where you parked and, oh shit, you got a ticket. Fun times.