Chart Of The Day

Screen Shot 2012 12 04 at 10 49 30 AM The Economist extracts the good news from the Institute for Economics and Peace’s newly released global terrorism index:

[W]hile the number of incidents there have climbed since 2007, deaths have actually declined…. If there is any small cause for comfort, it is that terrorist incidents have plateaued since their peak in 2008.

Though terrorist attacks are surprisingly widespread – only 31 out of 158 countries surveyed have not experienced any since 2002 – Iraq has fared the worst:

Iraq ranks first based on a five-year weighted average of the number of incidents, deaths, injuries and estimated property damage. It has suffered from the most attacks, including 11 of the world’s worst 20. Indeed, Iraqis comprised one third of deaths from terrorism between 2002 and 2011…. Other terrorist hotspots include Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. The worst attack over the period was in Nepal, where 518 people died and 216 were injured.

It’s worth recalling that the US was formally responsible for the security of Iraqis for almost this entire period. Which is to say that George W. Bush unleashed a wave of terrorism far more devastating to human life than in any other country. I wonder if he or Rumsfeld or Cheney ever examine their consciences on that. When incompetence means just loss of money, it’s one thing; when it means the deaths of tens of thousands, it’s quite another.