A Pro-Pot Minority? Ctd

Some new data (pdf) pushing back against Kleiman. The Economist's YouGov poll finds 51 percent of Americans want marijuana to be legal, compared with only 36 against. We kinda know that the polls have to be over 50 in a state for legalization to happen. So nationally, we are at exactly that tipping point – where marriage equality used to be, oh, a whole year ago.

And if you doubt Prohibition is ending, just look at the small print. The 30 – 44 age group backs legalization by 60 – 21 percent, slightly more than the under-30s. What's holding us all back is the over-65 cohort who oppose it by 58 – 24 percent. And the biggest surprise? The lowest income brackets support it the most; and even in the South, there is a plurality for legalization: 46 – 41 percent.

When so many are ruined and thrown in jail for something that harms no one else for a "crime" a majority of the country thinks should be legal, why is there no one in our political system in Washington prepared even to talk about the subject? Who are these people supposedly representing us?