Contemporary Cult Classics

Sonny Bunch considers various candidates:

In many ways, the cult classic has been replaced by what I like to call the cable classic: There is a certain class of film that was lightly attended in theaters and derided by critics only to find a huge audience on cable and DVD. Zoolander is probably my favorite example of this phenomenon: Zoolander has gone on to find a huge audience in home viewings, is highly quotable (a key component to any "cable classic"), and is constantly the subject of sequel rumors.

But even Zoolander made $45M at the box office—not a huge sum, but not an embarrassing flop, either. The same goes for Cabin the Woods, suggested by Peter Suderman as a potential modern "cult classic." It grossed $42M. Can they really be considered "cult" after debuting on thousands of screens all over the nation?