The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew reacted to new polling regarding the GOP’s durable-yet-delusional minority, weighed in on the fiscal cliff blame-game, noted the demographic tipping-point regarding weed prohibition, and though Douthat worried about our “retreat from child rearing”, Andrew wondered if the dropping birthrate was an environmental blessing-in-disguise, while others pushed back against Douthat’s claim that our decadence was at fault.

In political coverage, Roger Ailes told his Fox News puppets to start avoiding Karl Rove and Dick Morris, Tom Coburn earned an Yglesias nod for agreeing to raise tax rates, Neil Irwin anticipated market reaction to the fiscal cliff, and Hertzberg advocated for powering entitlements with a carbon tax. We also published yet more letters from our millennial readers, while Alec MacGillis checked in on simply-a-citizen Romney, Will Wilkinson took Obama to task over the less-than-clear rules for drone use, Waldman spoke out against mortgage interest deductions, and Paul Krugman favored broad thrusts over wonkiness. Looking overseas, Marc Lynch saw through Kim Kardashian’s trip to Bahrain and Massie shared his thoughts on Scottish independence.

In assorted coverage, Virginia Postrel broke down the idiocy of current copyright policy, Keegan Hamilton considered the cartel-impact of Colorado and Washington’s legal weed, Farhad Manjoo guessed at Walmart’s web chances, and James Surowiecki explained the popularity of Warren Buffett, though Felix Salmon wasn’t as impressed. Jen Doll ranted about excessive hyphen abuse, Matt Mendelsohn lamented the photographer-contrived staging of modern wedding photos, Sonny Bunch differentiated cult classics from “cable classics”, a 2010 Metafilter commenter summed up the web-user marketplace, and Ethel Merman helped us forget our troubles for three whole minutes. Also, Gary Marcus outlined how we’re still in the shallow end when it comes to understanding the brain, a Long Islander remembered a moment of impulsive heroism, James Polchin imagined the influence that Paris may have had on Edward Hopper, Cristina Nehring appreciated the differences between her and her daughter with Down Syndrome, and we again philosophized about the moral implications of The Walking Dead, while Alyssa started looking for a little less violence in her TV shows. Anne Helen Petersen brought us to a WWII-era nightclub where troops were waited on by celebrities, neither Nickelback nor Instagram survived today’s brilliant MHB, the durian fruit stunk almost as bad as Nickleback, California leaves were turning in the VFYW, and we mourned one of Britain’s war dead with our FOTD.

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