Faces Of The Day

Egypt screencap man silencing woman

Mackey explains the above image [NYT]:

On Thursday, opposition activists pointed to a single frame of video that seemed to them to encapsulate the threat they face from the president’s Islamist supporters. The frame, taken from raw footage of secularist protesters being chased from the palace walls by Islamists chanting “Morsi! Morsi!” showed a man clapping his hand over the mouth of a veteran female activist, Shahenda Maklad. The video, posted online by El Watan, a Cairo news site, shows that Ms. Maklad, 74, was in the process of shouting, “We are the Egyptian people!” when the man physically silenced her.

Meanwhile, opposition groups have rejected Morsi’s call for weekend talks as the protests in front the presidential palace continue tonight:

Video here. The protests are not just in Cairo either. Mackey and the Guardian are live-blogging. Previous Dish coverage here.