“Mormons And Gays”

The LDS recently launched a site by that name (intro seen above):

[The site is] dedicated to starting a "discussion" on gays and lesbians within the church, or as they say, people with "same-sex attraction." "When people have those (same-sex) desires and attractions, our attitude is, ‘stay with us,’” Elder Todd Christofferson says in a video on the site…. "Here more than anywhere, it’s important that there be love, that there be hope. We want to be with you and work together," explains [Elder Todd] Christofferson.

McKay Coppins puts the new site in historical context:

The church maintains [its] longheld position that it is sinful to "act on" homosexuality, a range of actions that runs from romantic hand-holding to gay sex. But the church's unqualified statement that "individuals do not choose to have such attractions" represents a departure from past remarks by church officials…. More broadly, the new website … is the clearest illustration yet of the church's effort to soften its tone and reach out to gay Mormons and others who may have been hurt by its institutional support for getting gay marriage banned in California.

Zack Ford is unsatisfied:

According to the new guide, gay Mormons can only stay members of the Church if they practice chastity, forcing a choice between a life with love and a life with faith. The acknowledgment that sexual orientation is not malleable is worthless if individuals are still shamed by “sin” to repress that sexuality — often through ex-gay therapy — and spend their lives alone. There’s also something insulting about the Church’s suggestion that maybe gay people will be lucky enough to marry someone of the opposite sex in the next life … This reliance on reincarnation does not take accountability for God’s inherent cruelness requiring such a “test.” Instead, the Church merely encourages individuals to have hope that “God will work out all the confusion and contradiction.” It is sadly ironic that the Church is using the frame of love to justify depriving individuals of love, and even sadder that this can be called an improvement over its previous position.