A Super PAC Scam?

Ben Dimiero and Eric Hananoki put Dick Morris's Super PAC under the microscope. After reading their findings, Paul Waldman calls Morris – surprise – a "con artist":

Perhaps there's a more innocent explanation for all this, but the way it looks is that 1) People (should we call them "marks"?) donate money to Morris' super PAC; 2) he pays that money to Newsmax for "fundraising"; then 3) Newsmax turns around and pays the money back to Morris, for access to his list of donors. Perhaps Newsmax takes a cut, or perhaps the list is their cut, because these people can then become marks for all kinds of future scams.

He goes on:

Morris' super PAC is an organization whose entire purpose is to raise money, and its expenditures involve raising money and finding new donors. And not, say, getting Mitt Romney elected.