Ask Moynihan Anything: Biggest Misconception Of Libertarianism?

From his Wiki page:

Michael C. Moynihan is an American journalist and managing editor of Vice magazine. Before that he was a senior editor of the libertarian magazine Reason. Moynihan founded the English language magazine based in Stockholm, Sweden, the Stockholm Spectator. After censorship by Comedy Central of an episode of South Park in 2010 that featured a depiction of the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, Moynihan announced his support for the protest movement, “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”. On July 30, 2012, a Moynihan article appeared in Tablet Magazine showing evidence that New Yorker writer Jonah Lehrer had fabricated Bob Dylan quotations, led to Lehrer’s resignation.

Read Michael’s writing for the Beast here. This past summer he wrote about libertarians at Right Turn:

Most of us libertarian types aren’t “money mad” or “greedy,” but believe that the private sector performs most functions better than government can, that lower taxes benefit not just our personal bottom lines, but the overall health of the economy and that free trade has helped more poor people than foreign aid ever did or ever will.