A Booze Cruise The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Over Thanksgiving week, Pareene sailed aboard "the Oasis of the Seas, billed as the largest cruise ship ever built." He noticed it was "full of parents having a blast":

This is how I realized why people do these ridiculous, pricey things. It’s quite difficult to enjoy yourself on vacation with children. I know because I was once the child ensuring that my family did not enjoy themselves too much. Maybe if you want to go camping or hiking or something, you can drag kids along, but if you want to go drinking and dancing and gambling and nightclubbing, you need to find somewhere to put your wretched kids, and simply leaving them to fend for themselves in Vegas hotel rooms is probably inadvisable. So you cruise. Your kids have an endless supply of their own amusements and no real opportunities to get into serious trouble, and you can relax and enjoy yourself like a childless person, or a person wealthy enough to hire help. It’s brilliant. (The only downside being the cost: Each child’s ticket is just as expensive as each adult’s.)