Ask Moynihan Anything: Glenn Beck’s Media Empire?

Read Michael’s writing for the Beast here, where he recently tackled Glenn Beck’s rising success after his departure from Fox News:

With the dystopian sermons now quarantined behind a paywall, and media watchers no longer cataloging his every utterance, Beck has quietly expanded his menu of services beyond chalkboard scribbling. Visitors to his various websites will find a wide array of products on sale, from treacly Christmas books and didactic political fiction to an online marketplace where his followers can purchase a 14-ounce bag of Dark Chocolate Pecans ($10) or, if you desire to be stylishly warm when imprisoned in a FEMA camp, an alpaca barn jacket ($229). And now Beck is migrating back to television screens, having signed a deal with Dish Networks to broadcast TheBlaze TV programing—for a $5-a-month fee.

But don’t fear, Beck’s politics are still reliably bonkers (see his latest “Beautiful Mind”–style chalkboard chart here) and his aspirations slightly delusional (he expects TheBlaze TV to assist in “rebuilding the media”). He loves his country, he fears for his country, and wants to separate his fellow paranoiacs from their money while attempting to save his country.

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