The Roid Age, Ctd

A reader quotes another:

In the same way that women are expected to be thin and have big breasts, men are generally expected to have a six-pack, a big chest and no visible body hair.

In the same way? Seriously? This is some "let-them-eat-cake"-level disconnection on gender issues. Have men experienced a mild push in this direction? Yes, they have. Mildly. Can anyone look at the consequences of noncompliance with aesthetic standards on people who aren't men and then look at them for men and say they are comparable at all?

Another illustrates that point:

I'm overweight by about 20 pounds, so not that much, but it does result in a bit of a gut. My fit wife gives me hell every time the ice cream comes out. I have a sweet tooth. She has said before if I don't lose the gut that she'd leave me. She wouldn't.

But she's trying to make a point. She runs, watches what she eats, and watches me be lazy with exercise, dismissive of the obvious cause and effect of what I eat and generally act as though I don't care about the weight I'm carrying. All true. I don't think it is fair when it comes to sex that my 30-year-old wife has the body of an 18 year old and her 38-year-old husband has the body of a lazy, overweight 38 year old.

If I'm honest, I appreciate the pressure she applies. And really when it comes down to it she is entitled to a man who takes care of himself. Forget the roids discussion. Eating well and exercising is a healthy approach to life. I think the weight issue is something women have hidden behind in these past decades. I'm overweight because I have a poor diet and I don't exercise. The same can be said for a lot of women and their men should be able to say, "This is unhealthy and it effects our relationship beyond issues of health alone."

There is some truth then to the argument of empowerment when objectification is applied to men as we men have been able to get away with a lot over the last whenever when it comes to our looks. A bit of pressure should be welcome. Steroids not so much.

On the other hand, another describes a standard that can't be mitigated with diet or exercise:

Women are only nominally attracted to big builds, but what really turns them on is height.  If you are a man over 5'7" you are in the safe zone. If you top 6'0" you barely need a personality, job or skill in bed.  The proof of this is in the study highlighted in the [above video].  In it, British women are asked to build their prefered body shape on a computer-generated male body.  Ripped torsos seemed like the favorite, until the same women were asked to select from a pool of non-virtual men.  The tall men won handily.

If you sense a note of bitter disappointment, yes – I am only 5'5". If there was a steroid that would make me taller, I would totally inject it into my veins, legal or not.

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