The Daily Wrap

The headbutting king

Today on the Dish, Andrew differentiated his opposition to affirmative action from his support for marriage equality, ripped apart the bizarre reasoning of Justice Scalia’s anti-gay statements, responded to the European Court of Human Rights’ decision in favor of a former CIA-detainee, and raged against the GOP’s filibuster abuse and “legislative terrorism”.

In political coverage, readers rejected Andrew’s federalist idealism on marriage equality, Mike Kinsley made a counter-intuitive argument for right-to-work laws, Larison expected 2014 to magnify the GOP’s denial, Jacob Sullum looked at the DUI ramifications of legal weed, and Gary Gates gave us his analysis of how gays delivered the election for Obama, an assertion readers later disputed. Speaking of the election, Phllip Klein reminded Republicans that they lost (earning himself an Yglesias nod), while Robert Kuttner noted the judge deficit on the federal bench, Balko had trouble finding out how many people get killed by the police, John B. Judis believed taxing the rich might prevent them from damaging the economy, Razib Kahn suggested more fertility-freezing as a way to reduce health care costs, and Michael C. Moynihan explained how his only regret about Draw Mohommad Day was that not enough people participated. We also tried to figure out what the GOP would want to cut, discovered how much illegality adds to the cost of drugs, and our popular letters from millennials thread expanded to include the views of Generation X.

In international coverage, we came to better understand Cambodia’s car-racing problem, and Steve Coll thought through the complicated situation facing Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. In assorted coverage, Hunter Oatman-Stanford told us the nautical history of tattoos, Hamish McKenzie explored the micropayment options available to content providers, Paul Campos tracked the decline of law-school applications, Alyssa wished female fantasy-authors could keep their names, and Creative Review highlighted an ingenious ad campaign using faux self-shots. Readers chimed caroled in with their thoughts on how best to express our season’s greetings, while we finally located the news that Google had put an end to the Apple Mapocalypse, learned not to eat at our desks for a reason other than crumbs, examined new research into the gene “instructions” which may cause the trait of homosexuality, and watched the “head-butting king of the world” take on some honeydew. DMX knew the most famous reindeer of all in our MHB, Copts prayed for Egypt in our FOTD, and it was a sunny afternoon in Arizona through the VFYW.

– C.D.