The Racing Cars Of Cambodia

A reader writes:

Funny as it sounds, I think that translation may be accurate. Friends who've reported from Cambodia all have stories about the young, rich, and protected – mostly young men – roaring around in their sports cars and running people down and getting away with it because of who their dads are. For example, this case. (The princeling in that story is the nephew of the same Hun Sen who made the statement about gays not racing vehicles … perhaps it was a sense of guilt slipping through.) The case was famous initially as a sign that perhaps the law would be applied fairly to such a princeling, then infamous as an example of the cynical reality. The whole phenomenon is a source of real bitterness there.

Another with first-hand experience:

I live in Cambodia, so I can understand what Hun Sen means by racing vehicles. Motor accidents are the leading cause of death here, and drivers must routinely look out for assholes with money driving Land Rovers and black Lexuses who WILL drive on either side of the road run motorcycles and bicycles out of their way, sometimes hitting them or forcing them to ditch.