A Poem For Saturday


“the history of my body” by Wanda Coleman:

a crushed rose
the workings seem obtuse
indigenous harmonies, all glittery
rubble & love blazing white teeth
the portrait of a sunburnt face
dayblooming pickaninnies
exploding hips/ encantados de la luna
pavement by night
from ashy to bone dry
flying houses and thunder palms
penny-candy memories
violent eruptions of beauty
wailing sirens into the deep pink
just a dream of cities
ample-voiced  harbinger
mouth made for sloppy kisses
(goodness gracious she’s bodacious)
question mark, forever haunted
tenderly fiercely fleshed

(From Ostinato Vamps: Poems by Wanda Coleman © 2003 by Wanda Coleman. Used by permission of the University of Pittsburgh Press. Photo by Flickr user quinn.anya)