Journalism Fail, Ctd

A popular media critique that still holds up:

Readers add to the criticism:

Can we please discuss the interviewing of children at Sandy Hook elementary school? It was repulsive. Read this article by Kim Simon to get an idea of just how wrong it was.


The media always gives killers like this one their 15 minutes of fame. How much of this goes into the calculations of mass murderers? This is never really talked about in the media (for obvious reasons). Also, many of the same people in the media who wring their hands over tragedies like this, turn around the next day and celebrate the "artistic genius" of guys like Tarantino and the violence porn he puts out. I am no prude, and certainly do not think such movies should be banned. But, why are guys like Tarantino considered "cool" and "edgy" and not shamed by the media?


I am a lefty who also happens to be against gun control, and the occurrence in Newtown has profoundly affected me. I believe I know what action should be taken that would really have a profound effect in limiting these types of horrific events: A media blackout.

No other action is really going to do much, be it increased regulations, profiling the mentally ill, providing arms to teachers (Congressman Gohmert suggested that this could have been prevented had the principal been armed) or even providing every school with an armed guard. These guys are desperately unhappy and depressed, and want to go out in a blaze of glory. If you eliminate the blaze of glory, you will eliminate most of the motivation they have to perpetrate these types of horrific crimes. It's the only thing I can think of that I believe might actually be effective, even though I know for a fact that those in the media would adamantly insist on keeping their options open to report these types of occurrences no matter what the consequences of their actions might be.