Scarborough Multiplied?

A reader writes:

Andrew, my NRA card is in the trash this morning.  I'm with Joe Scarborough–all my previous beliefs have been upended.  Allowing such easy access to these military-style weapons is madness–how could I have not seen it before?  And no one needs hollow point bullets and high-capacity magazines.  I am a committed Republican.  But if they can't do the sane thing here, they've lost me.  And I know you don't know me, but if they've lost me, they are truly doomed. I couldn't give a damn right now about my taxes going up.  (I have two six year old kids).

But the Left must come to grips with the fact that even if we do enact some sensible restrictions, there will be a lot of guns in this country still.  Having responsible, armed citizens isn't an inherently bad idea. There are police officers in every school in New York City, and guess what?  No mass shootings there. Trick is to make sure the right people have them and the wrong ones don't.  Also, if this debate stops and starts with guns, that will be its own tragedy.  Mental illness and the depravity of our popular culture (seen the last episode this year of Boardwalk Empire?) must also be addressed.

I voted against Obama twice, but I'm praying for him to give us true, non-partisan leadership on this one.