“I Love My Son. But He Terrifies Me.” Ctd

Hanna Rosin criticizes Liza Long for writing about her mentally ill son:

We have of course gotten used to mommy bloggers embarrassing their children, saying which child they like best or how much they drink while stuck at home doing art projects. Louis C.K. regularly embarrasses his kids and surely one day they will get their revenge. These are humiliations that might require a kid to get therapy later, but they are not on the same order as what Long did. They are unlikely, for example, to prevent the kids from getting a job. So far the children’s rights movement has focused on protecting children from neglect and abuse, but maybe it’s time to add a subcategory protecting them from libel, by their own parents.

One of Hanna's commenters objects:

There should be absolutely no reason why we can't discuss mental illness like we discuss any medical disease or disorder. Most people readily discuss their aches and pains with no shame. Why should mental illness be any different? As long as we keep mental illness a taboo subject we sentence people, suffering from mental illness, in the closet. It is really hard to get good help in a closet.

Rebecca Schoenkopf shares the story of her late brother, who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. She also defends Long:

Maybe Liza Long, who wrote about her violent son, is a lying monster who only cares about pageviews. Or maybe she is at the end of her rope, and her “media tour” I’m seeing ripped apart online springs from actually trying to get help for families like hers.