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Obama approval chart

Today on the Dish, Andrew caught us up on the fiscal cliff negotiations and responded to how Speaker Boehner seems unwilling or unable to accept a deal. He also took on the Greater Israel Lobby’s smearing of Chuck Hagel (which Beinart later detailed) and was troubled by the rising popularity of reality TV shows that seem to show the decline of the middle-class.

In continuing coverage of last week’s school shooting, we reviewed the political affiliations of gun owners and considered stats that suggested mass shootings weren’t increasing, while Hanna Rosin and others debated the ethics of publicizing your child’s mental illness, Danny Hayes anticipated a decline in press coverage, Douthat suggested more police, Max Fisher debunked the linking of American gun violence to video games, and we looked at achieving gun control through bullet control, later adding analysis from Weigel and Ambers. Also, Shafer offered his explanation of last Friday’s journalistic screw-ups, Nate Cohn recommended that Obama stand back on gun control, Kevin Roose reviewed a private-equity firm’s decision to ditch the firearm business, McArdle earned a Malkin for suggesting that we teach kids how to gang-rush shooters, and readers wrote in with their personal reflections on the potentially negative profile the shooting has given those with Asperger’s Syndrome.

In political coverage, Nicola Abé passed along the story of an Air Force drone operator, a reader responded to the morality of those depicted in Zero Dark Thirty, we rounded up reactions to Obama’s latest fiscal cliff offer, and we parsed polling that showed a rising acceptance of climate change. Looking abroad, Eric Trager expected Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to prove an almost impossible ally for the US, Olivia Solon reported on the private radio network being used by Mexico’s drug cartels, and a reader explained how Finland’s automated welfare-system results in people’s deaths sometimes going unnoticed for years.

And in assorted coverage, readers mistook Burma for Kerala and Hoboken in their quest to win this week’s VFYW Contest, David Samuels explored the pitfalls of winning the lottery, Zara Kessler thought Apple’s Mapocalypse would result in even greater love for the company, Ambers tried to be realistic about what we can do to combat obesity, Grant Cogswell detailed the history of cockfighting, and Jodi Ettenberg told us to stick to the lines if we wanted to eat safely abroad. Readers also continued to discuss the varied ways to wish someone a season’s greetings, while Michał Oleszczyk highlighted the best seven movie-minutes of the year, Korn + Taylor Swift equalled our MHB, we visited Ecuador in the VFYW, and David Kuo shared his fears (and hopes) regarding death, as well as starred in our reader-submitted FOTD.

– C.D.