DOMA’s Tentacles

A reader writes:

Should you find yourself looking for something to write about, I just found out that one of the greatest benefits available to every servicemember – from a Private who has only been in the military for a few months to a General who has devoted 30 + years of his life in service to his country – is not available to me, a currently serving military officer with more than 20 years of service. Because our marriage is not recognized by the Federal Government, my husband and I are not eligible to apply together for a VA home loan.

Someday, the full benefits we have earned in the service of this nation will be realized. But until that day, please wish us continued patience as we navigate the treachery of the so-called Defense Of Marriage Act and the far-reaching unconstitutionality of legislation developed in ignorance and motivated by bigotry. Our bank (Wells Fargo, an ally to the gay community for years) are livid and are working to find other ways to accommodate us. But, they shouldn't have to.

The indignities of bad public policy are far reaching and gay and lesbian servicemembers – and their families – have no end in sight to this separate treatment.

June, maybe?