Smearing Hagel, Ctd

A telling sentence from another intellectual architect of the Iraq War, Greater Israel fanatic, Elliot Abrams:

It is clear that senators must determine if any nominee for defense secretary holds views that are outside the very broad bipartisan consensus about Iran.

That "very broad bipartisan consensus" was also true about Iraq. The thing about people who never remember, never take responsibility, and never accept accountability is that they can make the exact same arguments that were shown to be deeply misguided only a few years ago – without even a flicker of recognition.

Increasingly, it seems to me, Hagel is going to be a key indicator of whether president Obama is finally going to face down these fanatics and start fighting back for America's broad interests, which include a diversity of voices within a cabinet. No president should go to war without a defense secretary able to make the case against it. Have we learned nothing? Or is everything to be sacrificed yet again for the extremist government of an alleged ally that does nothing but weaken the freedom of action of the US? It's time to say enough. It's time to stand up for America.