The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew believed the country was in the middle of a constitutional crisis at the mercy of an irresponsible GOP, responded to the new and apparently-damning report on CIA-led torture that we're not allowed to read, and tore into Bill Kristol for spreading yet more of his poison, this time about Chuck Hagel. Andrew also challenged Obama to use a possible Hagel nomination as a demonstration of his second-term backbone (as did Beinart), noticed that Obama's high approval ratings appear to mirror Reagan's, and explained how Robert Bork's confirmation hearing helped lay the foundation for today's partisan rancor.

In continuing coverage of the Sandy Hook shooting, Adam Gopnik, Douthat and Ponnuru debated the potential effectiveness of gun control, Lisa Lambert explained how the parents the mentally ill often hide their concerns from others, Christopher J. Ferguson added more evidence to the argument that video games don't lead to violence, and Jeff G was sarcastic about his gun collection. Also, we investigated the Congressional chances for new gun control laws, Molly Redden debunked John Lott's case for higher gun ownership, more readers thought through whether or not to rush an active shooter, Cillizza pointed out the NRA's massive spending, and Aaron Carroll sounded the alarm over insufficient mental health services for children.

In political coverage, we looked at the latest analysis of the fiscal cliff negotiations, while David Kuo shared his feelings about the Bush Administration, Michael Moynihan dismantled Joe The Plumber's Holocaust facts, Bob Wright highlighted the bigotry of ADL head Abe Foxman, Clyde Prestowitz reminded us that America shouldn't let Israel drive drunk, and Susan Crawford lobbied for better American internet access. Also, Greta Van Susteren rebuked those who have questioned Hillary Clinton's concussion, Patrick Sharma drew out a game plan for filibuster reform, a reader in the military alerted us to how DOMA is screwing them out of benefits, and looking overseas, Stuart Staniford caught us up on the Eurozone crisis.

In assorted coverage, Chris Kelly compared Zero Dark Thirty to Legally Blonde II, David Michael explained the origins of Norway's Swedish workforce, Thomas Rogers got sick of the over-advanced computers in TV shows, Simon Garfield showed us a map of America's literary giants, Gabe Habash shared a playlist of literature-inspired songs, and Megan Gambino told us about a mummy's possibly-therapeutic tattoos. We also tried to figure out if eagles actually could steal babies or not, learned pollution from cars and obesity were the fastest growing causes of death, saw Dubai's extravagance through the VFYW, met a therapy dog in our FOTD, and there was lots of added %$#@ in our MHB.

(Photo: U.S. Speaker of the House Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) arrives at his weekly news conference December 20, 2012 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Speaker Boehner spoke on the latest development of the fiscal cliff issue and the 'Plan B' that the House failed to pass this evening. By Alex Wong/Getty Images)