The NRA’s Police State

Readers react to the LaPierre's remarkable press conference this morning:

I actually fell for it. I actually though the NRA would come out with some concessions – closing the gun show loophole, at the very least. I really should have known better. This morning Wayne LaPierre gave one of the most cynical and cowardly speeches I've ever heard. Blaming everyone and everything other than guns and access to them.


After reading the transcript of the NRA’s press conference where they had promised "meaningful contributions" to the discussion after Newtown, I’m surprised that I’m amazed, but I am. This is epistemic closure beyond the inability of the right-wing to believe the reality of last November’s re-election of Obama. For years, the NRA has been stoking fears of "jackbooted thugs" from the Federal government. Now they propose putting an armed government employee in every single school across America.

Clearly no sense of irony there. And, what could possibly go wrong? They blame movies and video games for violence in our country, but what effect do they have in other countries? As a nation, we experimented with the Wild Wild West and, surprisingly, decided that the rule of law was superior. These are the people who tell us constantly that the federal government is too big and intrusive and suddenly Congress is supposed to appropriate the money for putting people with guns in every school in America. Moreover, they say (and I quote) "There'll be time for talk and debate later. This is the time, this is the day for decisive action." This is clearly the longer version of "Ready, fire, aim!"


There are about 90,000 elementary schools in the United States.  Let’s say you pay one single-shift guard about $60,000 including benefits, taxes and overhead.  You’ve just spent $5.4 billion to do what? 

Everyone is appalled by what happened in Newtown, and no one want it to happen again.  There are no guarantees folks, and if take measures like the NRA is proposing, the very, very rare nutcase can just go to the playground or the school bus.  This is a diversionary proposal.  Not serious.

Another quotes LaPierre:

"The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." Well, bullshit. Jared Loughner's rampage in Tucson was stopped when he had to pause to reload. Brave UNARMED citizens used that window of opportunity to pounce on him.


I remembered this from Columbine but had to go find it to verify. There was an armed officer on duty at Columbine. He wasn't able to stop anything.


You are witnessing the total implosion of the right in the United States: the defeat of Boehner’s ridiculous Plan B and this speech by the NRA.

The "craziest quotes" from the press conference rounded up here. My thoughts soon.