Translating English Into American

Tim Parks is trying to strip his book of its Englishness because he's writing for the American public. But he's not sure it's worth the effort:

[D]oes a "newsagent" really need to become a "news dealer," a "flyover" an "overpass," a "parcel" a "package," or in certain circumstances "between" "among" and "like" "such as"? Does the position of "also" really need to be moved in front of the verb "to be" in sentences like "Trains also were useful during the 1908 earthquake in Catania," when to me it looked much better after it? And does making these relatively small changes really make the text 100 percent American anyway? One thinks of how thoroughly the Harry Potter novels were Americanized for their US editions: would they really have sold fewer copies had the Anglicisms been kept? Wasn’t half the charm of the series its rather fey Englishness (occasionally Scottish Englishness)? Would we Americanize the Irish Joyce? Or again, if we want to have language conform to local usage, what about considering chronology as well as geography? Shouldn’t we bring Dickens, Austen, Fielding, and Shakespeare up to date? Make it easier? Forget that language is constantly changing and different everywhere?