The Weed Gender Gap

Kristen Gwynne highlights some data:

A 2010 survey found boys aged 12-17 were more likely than girls to be marijuana users (8.3 vs. 6.4 percent). The gender gap here is small, but widens when we consider marijuana use in public arenas like medical dispensaries. In Colorado, for example, a stunning 70 percent of medical marijuana registrants are males. There is a similar trend in California, where 73 percent of people applying for medical marijuana cards are men.

The gender gap expands, too, when it comes to support for marijuana policy reform. While a Gallup polls shows a 14 point rise (from 20052011) in marijuana legalization across genders, the average support for marijuana legalization by gender (between the latest Angus Reid, Quinnipac and Public Policy Polling analyses) shows female support at 50% and male support at 57%.