Bibi Getting Even Crazier?

Haaretz floats the idea that the new Israeli ambassador to the US could be Netanyahu's own far-right adviser and liaison to Republicans in the US, Ron Dermer. Some pertinent facts:

1. Dermer, who immigrated from the U.S. in 1997, is clearly identified by the Obama administration as a supporter of the Republican party. His family in Miami Beach have close ties with the Bush family, particularly with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, whose name has been mentioned as one of a number of possible contenders for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.

2. Aside from identifying him as a Republican supporter, many Democrats see Dermer as the brains behind Netanyahu's support for Mitt Romney. An article published in Tablet Magazine a few months before the elections revealed that Dermer was the one who conceived and planned Romney's visit to Israel in July this year, along with Dan Senor, an advisor to Romney.

Reasonable folks might conclude that Obama's decisive re-election might have affected the total refusal to budge a millimeter among the House GOPers and the Netanyahu administration. So far, not so much. It may be that, now defeated in their effort to oust him in the election, the two chief opponents of the president in Jerusalem and Washington will lash out even more.