America Isn’t Big On Vacation


Steven Mazie laments how little time most Americans take off:

For most Americans, Christmas week represents about half of the time off we will enjoy all year long. Compared with Australians (at least 4 weeks off, plus 10 public holidays), Brazilians (22 days of paid leave with a 33 percent salary vacation bonus) and the French (at least 5 weeks off and as many as 9 for many public employees), we are seriously bereft. … [T]he United States is the only OECD country that does not require employers to provide even a day of paid leave to its employees.

Chart from (pdf) "No‐vacation nation USA – a comparison of leave and holiday in OECD countries." Derek Thompson adds some context:

To be fair, some states and local governments have minimum paid vacation laws. … And around the country, nine in ten full-time workers get paid leave from their employers averaging 12 days, according to a paper by Rebecca Ray and John Schmitt for the European Commission. That still puts us at the bottom of the OECD.