Instagram International


The two most Instagrammed locations in 2012 were in Bangkok – the Suvarnabhumi Airport and a mall – followed by Disneyland and Times Square. John Herrman zooms out:

What's happening to Instagram now is what happened to Facebook in about 2011: It's becoming a site that depends as much on the rest of the world than on the U.S., if not more. Southeast Asia is where the most growth is coming from …

Unlike Facebook, Instagram is an photo-based service, where language takes a backseat to imagery. Yet how many Bangkok residents do you follow on Instagram? How many new friends from Thailand have you made this year? If this teaches us anything, it's that nothing — not the gathered, American-service-using, largely English-speaking digital population of world — can prevail over the power of the filter bubble.

(Image: An Instagram taken by Kasama Poengkuna at the Suvarnabhumi Airport)