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Today on the Dish, Andrew offered his extended thoughts on last night's fiscal cliff deal, raised an eyebrow at Barney Frank's recent change of heart about Chuck Hagel, and announced 2012's Dish Award winners, later adding some important context to our Face Of The Year.

In political coverage, we rounded up blogosphere reactions to the fiscal cliff deal, while Bruce Bartlett and Daniel Gross examined why a Grand Bargain didn't happen and Drum cautioned that deal or not, the fiscal cliff was still out there. Also, readers responded to the conversation over Hillary Clinton's blood clot, Ann Friedman checked in on the still-limited progress of America's female politicians, and a traveler aboard the National Review's "conservative cruise of a lifetime" shared her Hewitt-ian fears. Looking overseas, Marc Lynch hoped Egypt would be able to "muddle through" its current morass.

In assorted coverage, Oliver Burkeman offered a reality check regarding New Year's resolutions, readers proved themselves quite knowledgable about Hobbit names, Eric Jaffe suggested pay-per-mile car insurance as a way to reduce driving, Rober Walker pondered the shrinking authority of magazine covers, and Gary Marcus argued that an automated workforce could lead to greater inequality. Also, Nathan Harden previewed the idea of a la carte college classes from multiple universities, Gaia Vince appreciated the many benefits of urban density, David Haglund teared up while watching a trailer for Landfill Harmonic, a reader gave their perspective on why women don't often buy weed, and somewhat relatedly, Justin Shanes avoided a hangover in our Tweet Of The Day. Readers shared their views from abroad on America's vacation-light work ethic, Charles Simic noted the ease with which present-day idiots can make themselves known, Jeff Jordan anticipated the death of shopping malls, and Atossa Araxia Abrahamian explained the (libertarian) paleolithic diet, while Robert Lustig detailed the dangers of fructose. John Herrman surveyed Instagram's growing international footprint, a reader passed along a great Don Becker joke referring to his mental illness, and Rand Simberg explored the fascinating implications of property rights in space.

We also watched the new trailer for To The Wonder, learned about the use of canine labor throughout history, saw a Puerto de la Cruz paraglider through the VFYW, and enjoyed a four minute reduction of 2012 in our MHB. Meanwhile readers struggled with this week's difficult (and Danish) VFYW contest and Nancy Pelosi walked the media gauntlet in our FOTD.

Lastly, don't forget to help us decide what to ask Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett here. And the Holiday Wrap is here.

– C.D.

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