The Holiday Wrap

This holiday season, the Dish continued to track the latest in politics and culture. Andrew wished readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and urged readers to support the Poetry Society of America with a rumination on verse. He also dissected the Pope's incoherence on gay marriage, provided further thoughts on the Zero Dark Thirty debate, relayed a personal anecdote about the "mutts of war," sounded off on marijuana prohibition, watched Bibi become even crazier, and charted Krauthammer's continued descent into Fox News absurdity. In a somber year-end meditation, he declared the American polity "broken."

The fiscal cliff loomed large, and you can read Andrew's evolving thoughts on it here, here, here, here and here.

Andrew also closely tracked opposition to Chuck Hagel possible nomination as Secretary of Defense. He told the President to grow a pair and face down the former senator's AIPAC-led critics, lamented the purity of neocon McCarthyism, evaluated the reasons for the anti-semitic slurs against the man, defended Hagel against Barney Frank, and followed the ridiculous Log Cabin Republican resistance to Hagel, including questions about who paid for the NYT ad they deployed against him, here, here and here.

– M.S.