The Weed Gender Gap, Ctd

A reader writes:

As a daily pot user, I'd like to offer my own theory on this. During college and afterwards, I've known plenty of women who smoke pot and plenty who have given money towards the purchase of weed, but I've known very few who actually conduct the business transaction of getting said weed. I think on some level, buying weed is still "drug dealing" to a lot of people, and is still a criminal act where one may have to deal with a "dangerous criminal" (though almost all pot dealers I've ever known are entirely too high to be considered remotely dangerous).  And so, not to sound sexist, but I think that "dealing with criminal elements" is still considered "men's work" by a lot of men and women. Is it antiquated? Yes. But ask a 20-year-old female Penn student if she'd rather have her boyfriend go into West Philly to buy weed from one of the bodegas, and I guarantee she'll say yes too.